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Book repair is easy using our Thermal Binding Machines and Pre-Cut Glue Strips.

Repair Separated Book Spine

In some cases, the pages are intact, but there has been separation of the whole book block from the spine of the cover. To quickly repair, you can simply insert a thermal glue strip in between the spine and the book block. Then heat and bind with a thermal binding machine.

Book repair is easy using our TB500 thermal binding machine and our Thermal Pre-Cut Glue Strips.

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Seperated Book Spine

Repair Loose Pages

For books where some or all the pages have fallen out, you can insert the appropriate width glue strip, reinsert the pages and heat the books in the thermal binding machine.

Note that, because the glue is not already bonded to the spine, you will need to allow extra time for the glue to melt to the right consistency, (like that of maple syrup) so that the adhesive can wick into the sheets and result in a strong bind.

loose book pages
Loose Book Pages

Recover Book with Card Stock

Our glue strips can also be used to recover a book by making your own cover from card stock. One can print, score and fold a U-shaped cover, insert the glue strip and then rebind the pages.

Print On Demand
Print On Demand

Recover Book with CoverBind Pre-Scored Printable Covers

If making your own cover from scratch is daunting, our Coverbind product line offers glossy white, pre-scored 8.5X11, laser printable covers with separate glue strips in spine widths to accommodate from a few to 240 sheets of 20 lb paper. You will need a laser copier or printer that can feed 11 inches wide if you are doing a full – size cover.
You can cut the covers and glue strips to make smaller books.

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CoverBind White (High Gloss) - Print On Demand Covers
CoverBind White (High Gloss) – Print On Demand Covers

Recover Book with Unibind Steelbacks Spines

If you have an existing front and back cover and contents, but the spine is gone, or you want to print the covers on a printer that only feeds 8.5×11, then you can bind them using our Unibind Steelback spines that come in both 11” and 8.5 inch lengths. In the 11” size widths are available, up to 1 ½”.

Unibind Steelbacks
Unibind Steelbacks

Recover Book with ThermoBind Hard and Soft Covers

If you have the contents of a book but no cover, and you don’t want to construct your own from scratch, ThermoBind stocks thousands of soft and hard covers in many sizes and capacities that you can use to make your own book.